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          About FAMED

          Company Info

          FAMED,which was founded in 1987, produces castings for various kinds of machines with the method of V process, resin bonded sand molding process, green sand molding process and precision casting technology. For quality assurance, the company has installed a high accuracy spectrum analyzer, a magnetic particle flaw detector, an ultrasonic flaw detector, a coordinate measuring machine, a tensile testing machine, an impact tester, etc.

          Products of FAMED include:

          ? Ductile iron: linkage, rear axle housing, bracket, etc.

          ? Grey iron: bracket, gear box, counterweight, etc.

          ? Steel castings: precision castings, high manganese steel castings, etc.

          FAMED has installed induction furnace, cupola and heat treatment furnace, etc. The castings production capacity of FAMED is about 100,000 tons/year, and 96% of the castings produced are exported to the United States, Japan and European Union.

          Our customers

          ? CAT

          ? JCB

          ? VOLVO

          ? OSHKOSH

          ? LINDE

          ? JUNGHEINRICH

          ? TOYOTA

          ? YAMMAR

          ? JOHN DEERE

          ? NEUSON

          ? Haulotte

          ? KOMATSU

          ? HITACHI

          ? MITSUBISHI

          ? KATO

          ? KOBOTA

          ? SUMITOMO

          ? IHI